Everyone has an important role to play in helping our residents enjoy life; the care team, maintenance, cooks, and cleaning staff. Recognising their valuable contribution is partly through our Star Employee Award scheme.

We encourage nominations from residents, staff, family members and professionals where a staff member has done something over and above the high standards that we expect. It is awarded at each staff meeting which is approximately every 8 – 10 weeks.


Star Award – August

Our star award for August was awarded to Ingrid. "For going above and beyond to ensure all the needs of the residents are met, following up any tasks that need completing, and for being a great support to her colleagues". Thank you and well done. You really are a star!

Thank you to all the staff

It was great to have a staff get together yesterday afternoon to say thank you for all their hard work and commitment over the past few months. They've done an amazing job! THANK YOU!! Well done to Alyson for managing to get a chocolate strawberry cake to hold together in a heatwave. Fortunately it was eaten pretty quickly so didn't have time to melt! And to the lovely Jenny at Culm Florist who created such a great display of flowers, enough for every member of staff.

The first 2020 ‘Star Employee’

Our latest Star award was to Natalie Dignum. Natalie has not been at Court House long but her friendly positive attitude and caring personality won her the award.  Well done Natalie!

‘Star Employee’ and well deserved

Our star employee, Alison Beddow, is a senior care assistant and has many years of experience in care. She's been one of the key employees at Court House for a very long time and is a really dedicated, very caring, lovely person, always happy to support the residents by going the extra mile. Thank you Alison. You are a STAR!