Court House is a ‘home from home’. We encourage our residents to live their lives in their own way, as far as possible and we endeavour to provide stimulation through activities and daily living with one to one support and as small groups.


There is always something going on at Court House. Many of our residents have found ways to re-kindle old hobbies, sometimes with the help of care staff or family, others have discovered interests with their new friends at Court House.

Whilst we offer a wide variety of activities on a daily basis, it is, of course entirely up to individual residents which activities they wish to participate in. Our regular activities include fitness sessions, art workshops and music therapy. Court House also brings in entertainments and activities from outside; from regular visits from the Devon Library service, the Donkey Sanctuary, comedians, musicians amongst many others.

There are two lounges; the first is known as the ‘quiet lounge’. It is often used to quietly enjoy the company of others, read the paper or watching the day pass as our staff attend to your needs.

The next lounge is a little livelier, with a Television at your disposal, and the place where the majority of our activities take place.


For those residents that may have spiritual needs we will again try to find ways of meeting your needs whatever religious persuasion you might be: we have regular visits from the local churches and can arrange transport to local congregations of most faiths for those that are able and wish to retain links with their own faith communities.


Court House is set in about an acre of grounds and there is a secure garden to the rear of the house as well as a small courtyard garden just off the dining room.

They have been designed to be fully accessible for wheelchairs so that all residents can enjoy the outdoor space. Keen gardeners get involved in sowing the seeds for the veggie beds or creating the hanging baskets; activities with are thoroughly enjoyed.

FAQs of Daily Life

Q1. Can I have visitors at any time, even in for lunch?
Yes, residents can invite guest or receive visitors at any time provided they respect the wishes of our other residents (i.e. no loud parties after 10 pm unless we are all invited!)
Q2. Am I able to choose my own daily routine?
Yes, we always try to fit around you from the time you get up to the time you retire to bed. Mealtimes do tend to be set for the convenience of all, however if you are going out and would like your meal early or later we can always accommodate.
Q3. Can I bring my own furniture?
Yes. We positively encourage residents to make their rooms as homely as possible, provided it meets with current fire regulations and there is enough space in your room.
Q4. Are there any hidden extras?
No. Hairdressing, foot care, some outings and some additional equipment and some continence needs are payable as extras, but all your normal bills are included in the fees.
Q5. What happens if I dislike what’s on the menu?
You will be asked ahead of time which choice you would prefer, so this should not be a problem. However if none of the options appeal, please inform the staff member and we will provide an alternative that suits.
Q6. If I need to go out can I get assistance?
Where possible we encourage family members to support you when going out to appointments etc. but if an assistant is needed we will always try to supply one, however a charge will be made to cover the costs. If a taxi or wheelchair taxi is needed this cost would also be passed on.
Q7. What about hairdressers?
Court House has an in-house hairdresser who can meet your needs on a weekly basis, however if you have your own local hairdresser who is prepared to come here, or if you are able and prefer to go out to the hairdresser we are happy to accommodate.
Q8. If I want to stay in my room is that okay?
Yes that’s okay, we strongly believe this is your life, we are here to help. We will encourage you to join in and you may be asked to vacate your room for cleaning etc.
Q9. What happens if I really don’t like it there?
All new residencies are on a month’s trial basis. This is to ensure that you are happy, and to make sure that we are confident that we are able to meet your needs. If you do wish to move elsewhere we will do our best to assist and make the transfer as easy as possible (this very, very rarely happens!)
Q10. How do I get assistance if I need it?
All our rooms have a nurse call fitted, simply press the button and a carer will come as soon as they are able.


Our menus are always changing, but this is a sample to give you an idea.

We have regular meetings with the residents to get feedback on the menus and to make sure we include new ideas as well as old favourites. There are always choices offered for all meals including vegetarian options and we will meet any special dietary requirements.

The dining room is cottagey in style and is in the centre of the home. It has its own delightful courtyard garden in which to soak up the warmth of the Devon sun.