We appreciate that seeing loved ones is really important for us all. We are supporting safe visiting of relatives through use of the patio and suitably distanced garden furniture outdoors and following feedback from family members, we now have Sonido headphones, microphones and ear loop to ensure that voices can be heard easily without straining.

Obviously this is a weather dependent solution and really only suitable for warmer days. So, we have been beavering away in the background and now have a planning permission application underway to add a conservatory to the end of the café. This would be a safe visiting zone indoors with access to the conservatory for family members by an external door and access for the resident via the café. There would be a screen installed inside to keep everyone safe. The screen will be removable so once Covid is clear, the space can be enjoyed to its full. With a fair wind and a bit more good weather, we are hoping to have this built by the end of September.